Paths to the Spirit - Sara Lea Brueckner:  Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master
Theta & Alpha Wave Music ( Brain Wave Music) & 528 Frequency  Healing & Relaxing Enjoy
 Good for Relaxation & Meditation
 Best Used with Headphones
You may find this music odd at first but studies have shown that this type of music can actually help us relax, study, meditate and sleep better.
I have been experimenting and was pleasantly surprised how I felt after a few listening sessions.  528 is what they call the Love Frequency.  Explore, relax, heal, create.
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Brainwave - Cosmic Vision - Theta Meditation
Hyper Dimensional Being Vol.2 - Cosmic Vision -- Brainwave Sound journey- is created to guide the listener into a powerful brainwave out of body experience.For better quality sound please visit ...
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528 HZ - Miracle
Solfeggio frequency 528 HZ accompanying, a multidimensional sound-scape of healing frequencies and symbols.Audio downloads are available for purchase at:
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